Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun With PicNik Photo Editing

Chloe and I sporadically took some photos the other day. We took advantage of a spectacular cloud formation and bright blue sky. She's 8 and she's been taking pictures for a couple years now. (You can see her New York photos here.) She has her own camera, and it cracks me up to see of the things she takes pictures of. I'll download it to find tons of pictures of her dolls, herself making funny faces, and butts. She's always capturing photos of my butt which makes me particularly irritated. Glad they're so easy to delete :)

Anyway, here are some of the photos we took, you know I never post personal photos of myself or my kids, so you get faces photos. I played with them a bit, just for fun. I love Picnik for editing photos. It is the easiest thing I have ever used! EVER. And so much fun. They have so many cool features in their free portfolio. However, after trying it out for several months, I upgraded to a premium membership for even more fun tools. Free tools include awesome fun fonts, editing, effects, touch up tools, frames, and stickers. All the photos I post on this blog, are edited in Picnik, that is if they are edited at all. Oh! They even have some collage and scrapbook tools!

Shown below is a simple two framed collage box. But you can put many pictures into a collage, as I did in my CAKES and How To Bake A Professional Looking Layer Cake posts.

Here's an example of some different editing tools and effects. This first picture of the heart is the original. I only cropped her face out, but other than that I didn't make any changes.
The second photo is edited in Picnik.

I know you girls could get so much more creative than I did. This is just another thing I love, and wanted to share with you all. I hope you get a chance to try it out. And remember, this is not a sponsored post, mine never are :)

What's your favorite editing program?
What's your favorite effect or editing tool?

Coming this week:
How to make a wine bottle lamp tutorial, and how I organize my recipes and plan meals.
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Sue said...

Wow, you are just pumping out the posts! :) Love your photos, especially the first one, and the hand heart...I have never edited a photo for my blog, but I have dabbled on picnic for fun, yet can't figure out how to move the edited photos to my folders(SO lacking in techie skills)! I really want to make a collage! I do have a tutorial bookmarked though.