Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dad's Favorite Chex Mix

This Father's Day the kids whipped up some of their Dad's favorite homemade Chex Mix. This recipe came from his grandmother and he asks for it often. I used my Father's Day Printables to make the labels and picked up the jars from Cost Plus World Market.

Chex Mix Recipe

1 Box Rice Chex
1 Box Corn Chex
1 Large Bag of Pretzel Sticks
2 Cans Cashews
1 Bag Pecans
3 Small Bags of Sliced Almonds

Sauce Ingredients:
4 Sticks Butter
4 TBS. Worcestershire Sauce
3 Tsp. Tabasco Sauce
1 TBLS. Lawry's Seasoning Salt

Melt all sauce ingredients in a small sauce pot. Divide dry ingredients into two large roasting pans. Divide sauce ingredients among the two pans. Fold the sauce gently throughout the cereal and nut mixture, being careful not to crush the cereal. Bake in a 250 degree oven for 15-30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Allow to cool and enjoy. Will keep for a couple weeks stored in an airtight container or ziplock bag.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Graduated and Guilty {Personal Reflection}

I know it sounds so cliche, but it really does feel like not so long ago I was walking Nash into kindergarten. He is just as sweet now as we was then. He is still way too smart for his age, and is still just as clumsy. Yesterday I attended his 8th grade promotion ceremony, cap and gown and all. I can't believe in just a couple short months he will be starting his first day of high school. I too started a brand new high school in a new city where I didn't know a single soul. I was so nervous I actually had my first ever period on that day. I guess I was a late bloomer but it made a nerve wracking day just a bit more traumatizing. Luckily, leggings and really long shirts were really in style that year and that's what I wore that day! It ended up being the best year and the best high school ever. I remember I had made friends with people in every "group". I would just walk around lunch mingling with each clique. Nash is pretty independent and outgoing and I know he will do just fine. He is the same height as me now and I know it won't be long before he shoots past me. It's bittersweet watching them grow up, isn't it?

With both my kids, I just try and constantly teach them and give them information they will need in life. You send them out into the world and hope that they remember those lessons when you're not there. I'm happy to report that most of the time my kids respect those lessons. Sometimes they falter, but Chloe proved this week that even though she makes mistakes she redeems herself and those lessons come right back into play.

On Thursday, the day before school let out for summer break, I picked up Chloe as I normally do. We walked back to the car and before we even got there she confessed she did something at school she felt really bad about. She quickly informed me that some girls had been in the bathroom, wetting toilet paper and throwing it up to the ceiling. She told me she tried it once too, even though she knows she shouldn't have. She hadn't gotten caught doing it, that's not why she was telling me. She told me because she was ridden with guilt over it. I told her we would talk about it more at home. We talked for almost an hour. She said as soon as she did it she felt terrible. She said she asked one of the girls who also did it if she felt terrible too. Apparently the girl told the teacher what she herself had done but the next day when I asked she was didn't know anything about it. When I informed her we were going to talk to the principal, she asked, "Oh, Chloe knows who did it?" I whispered, "No, Chloe is the one who did it." Of course there were several other girls who participated, but we weren't going to rat them out!

I had told Chloe that I was very proud of her for telling the truth but what she had done was called vandalism. I even looked it up for her and showed her the definition. Then I read her the California Penal Code, Section 594. It talks about the fines and jail times associated with vandalism. She was pretty convinced she was going to jail. I assured her it wouldn't be jail, just juvenile hall. She was sobbing pretty hard. Harsh right? But I really wanted her to know the real world punishment for her actions. I also thought it was really important for her to know that someone, probably the school janitor had to clean it up and she just made his job harder. I was concerned that she did something even though she knew it was wrong and gave her plenty of examples of how this could happen when she's older.  I presented situations of girls smoking in the bathroom, or drinking and driving. In those situations one mistake can equal a lifetime of pain. We decided the best thing to do would be to write a letter to her principal. I sent her to her room to write it and this is the letter she returned with:

Dear Mrs. ___________,

Today when I was in the bathroom I saw people getting toilet paper and putting water on it and throwing it at the ceiling. I did it once and I felt guilty and bad. I started crying when I got home and I told my mom. Then I knew I was breaking the law. I felt even worse. If you want me to do anything I will do it. I will clean the ceiling and pay ANYTHING. I feel like I am a horrible person. I am very, very sorry. I learned from my mistake and I promise it will never, EVER happen again in 10,000,000,000 years. I truly am sorry.

                                                                     Sincerely, Chloe
She drew a picture of herself on a ladder in the bathroom cleaning the ceiling with a speech bubble that says, "It's what I deserve."

We delivered the letter the next day right after school, which happened to be the last day of school. As the principal read the letter she seemed to groan with sadness, I thought she was going to cry, because both Chloe and I had tears in our eyes. The principal simply gave Chloe a giant hug and thanked her for her honesty. She made her promise she would go home and be a good girl for her mom. She then went on to tell me what a great mom I was (something I never get tired of hearing). She said most parents would have never done that, they would just brush it off, or reward them by taking them to Disneyland. Her words.

Even though I hate punishing her for it, she is grounded from the computer (her favorite thing) for two weeks. I continue to praise her for coming to me and for her honesty. I hope she continues to confide in me and trust me. I have a very special relationship with both kids and I never take that for granted.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Cross Country Move

Where do I begin? How about with, we've officially decided to pack up and head east! I have moved across country before, but not with 2 kids and an entire home to pack. The school year is coming to an end and if that didn't keep me busy enough I am packing, tossing, and sorting our entire household. I'm selling items on Craigslist, Ebay, and at our near future garage sale. I'm organizing leaving here, while preparing things for our arrival there. I'm scheduling movers, getting in last minute appointments with hairdressers and eye doctors, having lunch with a different friend everyday who wants to say goodbye.  I'm not dying people, but this move might just be the death of me! Poor kids. Let's just say the other night Chloe had cucumbers and cheese for dinner.

My entire formal dining room is covered with items I'm not taking with me. We must have gotten rid of 95% of Chloe's toys. It was bittersweet. Sad to know she doesn't have any interest in those toys anymore, but also so happy I won't have to move them, store them, or clean them up! I'll do Nash's room this weekend. His is not quite the daunting task. Besides his bookshelf of books and baseball memorabilia, there are only his clothes, hats, wall ornaments, and some things of sentimental value. I always say the same thing after a move..."I'm never shopping again!" Let this blog post serve as a reminder.

Furthermore, I have made two separate promises to Nash and Chloe. They each had school field trips they weren't participating in. Chloe because she has already been to Old Town. Nash because his school was going to Disneyland and there are so many reasons I'm not allowing him to go. First, I don't think either of us wanted me to go with him. Second, there is no way I am trusting a few adults to keep a solid eye on the entire eighth grade class. I know they let them go off on their own and I don't approve of that for him at a place so big. Go ahead, call me overprotective. I'm used to it. But I digress. I had to take Chloe to Sea World last week. I admit it was quite nice. We stopped at Hilbertos for some breakfast burritos, hit up Sea World for a couple hours, and still got in some errands.

I took Nash, Chloe, and their cousin Katie to Soak City water park today. Another day of not  packing, oh well, it was a welcome break. I also promised the kids I would get them to a swim day at my aunt's uncle's next week. Will I be able to get it all done? Thank goodness for Starbucks and Redbulls! Luckily all this stuff to do doesn't give me any time to be sad.

Do you have any advice for a cross country move?

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's A Girl! Free Printables

It's a Girl Printables

I made these to go with some cupcake wrappers that are currently available at Michael's. They matched perfectly until I baked them! I think chocolate batter would have turned out better with these liners, but cute nonetheless.
For these printables, I used a 2" scalloped punch. Simply glue (with a glue stick) the punches back to back, then after they are fully dry, you can insert a toothpick. I find this easier than trying to tape everything together.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bragging {Personal Reflection}

Sometimes I get so annoyed at those bragging moms. So, I'll keep it short. This week Nash had a brief conversation with the owner of the San Diego Padres, Jeff Moorad. He gave him some advice on who we should draft. I heard Mr. Moorad say, "Wow! You really know your baseball." Jeff....You have no idea, and I believe it was really your pleasure to meet him!

Last week, Chloe was selected to be in the school spelling bee. She came in second. She went back and forth with PTA mom's daughter for quite some time before she missed "busness" or as you know it, and she will never forget, "business." She got a certificate and a really cool medal.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Free Father's Day Printables

I'm so excited I can make my own printables now! Here is a sheet of 2" printables you can print out to use as cupcake toppers or any other way you see fit. You can also copy the image below and paste it into Microsoft Word and make it any size you wish. I printed mine out at 3 inches and glued it onto some scrap book paper I had cut with a 3.5" punch. I will use these to decorate glass jars the kids are filling with Dad's favorite homemade Chex mix. Please let me know if you have any issues downloading the file. I can always personally email you the PDF or Word document.

Father's Day Printables


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Free Baseball Thank You Printable

I searched all day to find some free printables I needed for Chloe's end of the season gifts. I finally found a blog that shows you how to make your own using Picnik. I used it and made some adorable and easy printables. I inserted them into a Word document as Jill suggested. I made them into two sizes in Word. I used my 3.5" punch and taped those onto the large coaches gift and I used a smaller 2" punch for the white lollipops shown below {purchased from Oriental Trading Co.}:

Feel free to use this image below
to make any size printables you need.