Friday, January 7, 2011

Oatmeal! Have You Had Yours Today?

Good Morning!
I have found a new love for oatmeal over the past year or so. It all started back when Starbucks started serving it. I could grab a healthy bowl with fruit and nuts, be on my way, and not feel guilty about my "fast food" breakfast.

Chloe loves oatmeal. Always has. We eat plain Quaker Oats. Suits us just fine.

Nash hates oatmeal. Always has. I couldn't even get him to eat those highly sweetened fruit and cream oatmeal packets.

Come in, Better Oats.
On sale today. 5 boxes for 5 bucks! 5 packets in each box. I bought 5 different kinds.
We taste tested all but one and here is our review:

1. Oat Fit-Cinnamon Roll- At 100 calories per serving and no sugar this is a great option. However, I found it to be too sweet tasting. It had a kind of artificial sweetener taste to me. However, Nash loved this! So it's a keeper!
2. Oat Heads-Berry Blast- This was very aromatic when we cooked it. It had floral aromas of violets and a sweet strawberry scent. I thought it was good, I liked it better than the Cinnamon Roll and Chloe had two bowls for an afternoon snack! Keeper!
3. Raw-Spiced Chai- This is the one we didn't get to. When I bought it I thought Raw implied it was plain, however, Raw means it's made with organic ingredients. 
4. Muffins-Blueberry- Heaven. Not too sweet for me. I really dug it and I will buy it again, definitely a keeper and my favorite of the three I tried. It was hearty and nutty-like. Much larger oat's compared with the Cinnamon Bun. See photo below.
5. Lavish-Dark Chocolate- I thought for sure this would be the big winner. Chloe said it was bland and Nash ate half a bowl...only. He said it was "good." He didn't rave about it and simply said it tasted like oatmeal with dark chocolate. Gee, thanks. Unless I taste this and go crazy for it, I won't buy this flavor again.
All in all, so far, 3 out 5 isn't bad! It smells great when your making it, it's full of whole grains, fiber, potassium, and flaxseeds. It comes in convenient measuring packets (you'll see when you buy it), and it's easy enough for my eight year old to make! It's perfect for breakfast or an after school or after game snack. I wonder if I can get them to trade in their dessert for it???

I know there are so many choices for Oatmeal out there. Instant, Steelcut, Starbucks, Jamba Juice ($1 Oatmeal Wednesdays), and even McDonalds. But I would recommend this for sure. Especially if you're trying to turn a non-oatmealer into an oats lover!


christi said...

We love oatmeal, too! I got Mr. R to start eating it a few years back and he hasn't turned back since. For him, I buy the giant box of Kirkland organic that comes in packets and different flavors. He takes it to the office and it is easy for him. For me, I like McCann's irish quick cook oatmeal. I eat it with an apple diced into it and a little cinnamon. Delicious!

Sarah said...

That's a great deal! I love my oatmeal with cranberries (I keep some in the freezer just for this) and walnuts - and lots or cinnamon.

Branson said...

I love oatmeal! Will have to try these :)