Saturday, January 1, 2011

Farewell 2010-Welcome 2011

Happy New Year!
Ten Reflections on 2010

10. I entered the blogging world, new information and new friendships blessed me.
9. We traveled and traveled and traveled.
8. I organized and organized and organized. Photos and videos were preserved in a new form.
7. Nash appeared on several media outlets making him somewhat of a local celebrity.
6. Chloe got braces.
5. Chloe played her first year of Little League and started at a new school.
4. We were blessed with the arrival of a new niece.
3. Nash entered the blogging world.
2. We spent Christmas at home.
1. Relationships helped me realize that moving may not me such a bad idea.

Ten Goals for 2011

10. Lose 10 pounds by eating better and exercising more.Help my family to become more active and outdoorsy.
9. Add new recipes to my repertoire.
8. Spend less, save more and become more financially responsible.
7. Blog better.
6. Travel and move.
5. Make new personal friendships.
4. Finish projects.
3. Read more.
2. Find Nash a great high school.
1. Live, laugh, and love to the fullest.

I just love reading all my favorite blogs. I have learned so much in the few months since I started blogging. I feel I have gained much more from the blogging community than I have given. I hope to live up to my potential this year while still blogging for my original intended purpose. That purpose is intended for my children. In Dec of 2011 I intend to print out my blog and gift it to my kids. And I hope to do so every year thereafter. I will still include our personal journeys and achievements, while chronicling the events that took place. I also intend to share with them the recipes and how-to's that they may want, as perhaps they will have had some sort of impact on their memories. I can't imagine what a gift it would have been to have something like this from my own mother. I feel as though she gave up on being a parent before I knew that it was happening. I had to learn everything from folding a sheet to hard boiling eggs to roasting a turkey from someone else. I learned how to be a wife and mother, not from her, but from my own trial and error. It was at best, frustrating and heartbreaking. I can only hope my children never have to feel that void. I hope to be able to guide them in the choices and their everyday life far into their adulthood. So it is to them, I dedicate all of my writings. Nash and Chloe, I hope this blog can serve you well when you call upon it.

Thank you Nash and Chloe for inspiring me everyday. Thank you to my friends in the blogging community who have made this journey easier and better. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to share all of your wonderful ideas that have made their way into my home. It is with great unselfishness that you share your world with us. I am so grateful to have found you! Have the most happy of New Years in this 2011!


Sue said...

Lil, Sounds like you had a good year, but are set to make 2011 even better, as it should be:) I enjoyed reading this post, and am glad that you decided to learn from the mistakes of others, and be the kind of mom that you longed for. Woo Hoo for you! Love your dedication to your children, in word and deed! I have thought of making my blog(s) into a book too, but procrastination is something that I'm working on. I look forward to your blog in the coming year. Keep up the good work! XO Sue

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Lil-
I throughly enjoyed this post and the previous one. I think making your blog into a book for your children is a great idea not only for them, but for your grandchildren as well.
My daughter is in the Peace Corps and has a blog that she uses as a journal she can share with her children when she has them someday.

I hope you and your family have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011.
My best- Diane