Friday, January 28, 2011

Brag Session: Nash and Chloe {personal reflection}

Nash and a group of his classmates participated in Constitutional Competition at one of our local colleges. Many schools were invited. They presented answers to school board members, lawyers, teaches, congress members, etc. It was fascinating to watch these eighth graders explain the constitution. They presented different opinions and ideas and backed them up with court cases and laws. They wore suits and they sat up straight. They introduced themselves with firm handshakes, polite smiles, and eye contact. They spoke with confidence and articulated their thoughts clearly. I know many adults that couldn't answer the questions they were asked. I know many adults who can't explain the Constitution like they did, myself included. I was very impressed, and I'm glad I got to witness our future generation in action. I'm proud of you Nash! And no, his group didn't win. But he was kind of relieved, I think.

Nash and Chloe both tried out for Little League last weekend and they will both be moving up a level this year. This will be Nash's last year playing, as he starts high school next year, and it will be MUCH more competitive. So, just another month and we will be eating, sleeping, and breathing baseball again! I hope that means more radio and television appearances for Nash too. That will help any internship he may apply for in highschool.

Chloe agreed to wear ANOTHER dress for an event we are attending on the east coast in a couple of weeks. The girl hasn't worn a dress in years, and she didn't even put up a fight. Don't tell her I told you, but it seemed she was a little excited. We rushed right out to pick the dress. She tried on several and she was twirling around in the dressing room. She said, "You know, it feels kinda nice to wear a dress!" OH BLESS HER HEART! She got TWO dresses! She did say she wasn't wearing them out in public. By public she means, not to school or around our town. What would the boys think?

Nash is on track to get straight A's. He's in honors classes too. He sure has come a long way since elementary school when he got C's in some subjects! That's another story. I'm actively looking at high schools for him, which is hard to do, because I still don't know if we are moving or not, and where to if we do!

Chloe finished the first Harry Potter and took an A.R. test on it and passed. She's now 1/2 way through the second book. Nash didn't read that series until he was in 5th grade. It was good he waited though because that year when he was promoted he received an award for the most AR points in the whole school. Chloe does have the most in her class, but nowhere near what he had.

Do you ever cry during the back stories on AI?
I do....all the time!
Chloe and Nash and I have been watching American Idol. Chloe hopes to someday tryout for America's Got Talent or AI, but mostly for playing piano, not singing. She is now in her 4th consecutive year of lessons. She started in kindergarten. She actually taught herself how to play Beethoven's Fur Elise! We've had our battles and she's wanted to quit a lot. I know she will thank me when she's older. And she'll always have something to fall back on. Maybe she give piano lessons to little kids when she's in college instead of waitressing. We pushed through, even getting her a new teacher this year. She's much happier with the new teacher. It melts my heart when she plays and now she plays on her her own without any push from me.

I love being a mom, and I especially love being a mom to Nash and Chloe. I feel so lucky to have such wonderfully healthy, happy, smart, and well adjusted kids. I NEVER take it for granted. I truly believe everyday is a gift. Everyday that they still live it home and I get the honor of taking care of them, teaching them, and raising them is like Christmas morning for me. I love you kiddos!


Megan said...

You are so adorable. I hope I'm as good of a mom as you.

Sue said...

I love this post! You are one proud mama, and rightfully so! You have A LOT to celebrate:)
My kids are now grown, and they(along with the munchkins) continue to enrich my life beyond my wildest dreams!