Thursday, January 27, 2011

How I Package, Store, and Freeze Bulk Ground Beef

This is a great way to package your meat as soon as you arrive home with it. You won't have freezer burn, even after 3 months and it will be easy and quick to defrost. I always buy my ground beef from Costco. I think they have the tastiest and best quality ground beef, besides free range beef. I purchase either the package of bulk meat, or the package of large squares. Those run between $15-$20. The squares are bigger than patties. If I buy the one that is just lumped together, I will take a large knife and cut it into smaller portions.

Today I'm going to show you how I package it so that I can easily grab what I need. It also is much easier to defrost when frozen in slightly smaller portions. You'll need saran wrap, gallon freezer bags, a straw, a sharpie, and preferably a kitchen scale.

Start by sectioning and weighing your meat into desired amounts. These are between 8 and 10 oz. each. Saran wrap each square individually.

Saran wrap each square individually.

Place wrapped sections into your freezer bags. Seal the freezer bag closed, leaving 1 inch on the corner open. Insert your straw. Suck the air out of the bag as much as possible. With light pressure on the straw, so the air doesn't escape, remove the straw, and seal the last inch of the bag.

You now have "vacuum packed" seals. Write the date and weight on your package and freeze.

You'll have no freezer burn and you can easily remove each block as needed.



Sue said...

Very tricky! Thanks for the straw trick! I'll have to try it, Lil:) Have a great weekend! Sue:)

adorably cute said...

This is great, thanks so much! I was wondering though, could I use two regular storage bags together vs. one freezer bag possibly? Or do you think the meat will go bad? Thanks!