Monday, February 21, 2011

Do You Believe In Rainbows?

This is exactly how I have been feeling lately. Like there is a darkness and gloom that follows me around and I just can't seem to shake it. I'm not a person that has ever suffered from depression. Sure there have been times in my life, I have felt sad and overwhelmed. I may have even let it get me down now and then. But it never felt quite like this. I'm pretty sure I know the root of my overwhelming sadness in the last few weeks. But, just when I felt ready to give up, things started to change. Of course whenever I feel sorry for myself, I always focus on the positive things in my life, like Nash and Chloe. That usually gets my through any funk I'm in.

However, Saturday was a breakthrough day for me and some very important people in my life. I have suffered losing people in my life where it just couldn't be helped. However, when a relationship is lost with a family member, and it can be helped, it seems senseless and all the more hurtful. Do you have a relative that you no longer speak with? Someone who perhaps you were once close? Do you wish there was some way to move past it, to start over?

I recently mentioned some issues I was I having with a family member. It was not long after that I received a call from her asking to talk. It would be the first talking we did in several years. Not knowing what the conversation would hold, I went in with my guard up and left with walls that had broken down. It wasn't all pretty, but it ended up feeling like we had just moved mountains. I was extremely overjoyed with the outcome and the possibilities for the future.

Just minutes after arriving home, I saw this rainbow out my kitchen window! I instantaneously grabbed my camera to capture the moment. I felt like it was there just for me.

"In the midst of gloom and darkness this rainbow emerged, declaring itself upon my view."-Lil Grace



Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

So glad to hear things are looking up:) I hope the healing path continues. And yes, I do believe in rainbows.

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

A beautiful photo first of all! I am glad you were able to get some things worked out! My family is full of drama, and I know how much it can weigh on you! I find myself wishing all the time that my siblings could all just get along!! Hope things continue to get better. I am always an email away if you ever need to chat :)

Sue said...

What a beautiful and hopeful post! Nothing like a rainbow to top it off:) That's so funny because last week I too, saw the most beautifully vibrant rainbow(it started out as a double)and posted about it on facebook:) I was so disappointed that I didn't have my camera! I drove alongside it for about 10 miles and it did made me feel so happy.
I'm so happy for you Lil...knowledge and relationships are all we take with us when we leave here:)

Megan said...

Praying for you sweet friend! We all have our moments...I hope that you start feeling better soon! What a great picture to remind us of God's love!

Ross said...

This is a great story! Sometimes when we find the courage from within to do what you did it opens up a whole new world. God is great! Really like your site!Found you through FTLOB. Can I put your site up on mine?

Morgan -Ing said...

How lovely that you were able to work on repairing that relationship! Wonderful!!!

Looking UP Amid the Chaos said...

That rainbow was just for you! How beautiful and a powerful message that you are on the right track to repairing a relationship!
I haven't spoken to a family member in almost 4 years now but one day we will be on the road to healing....I just believe it!