Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time Management, Lists, and Phrases

We are restructuring our time around here. I'm a list person and without lists I fall apart. If I fall apart, a domino effect ensues and the children become little zombies who spend all their free time on their various mind capturing electronic devices.

I have a list that Nash follows in the morning. It's been posted since he was in kindergarten. It reminds him to brush his teeth and tie his shoes! :) He still looks at it every morning.

I have a list of "Rules of Civility". This is a list of rules and consequences. For example, if the kids are arguing they have to copy the arguing rule the number of times they are years. So they would write, "Strive not in argument, but submit your judgement to others with modesty." 13x's for Nash and 8x's for Chloe. There are 7 rules and phrases on the list.

I have a list of things the kids have to complete before they can watch TV or play video games.

I have bedtime routine list for the kids.

However, these lists are pointless if I don't use them, duh! So, I'm reintroducing the lists. The kids are not happy. But I know it will bring structure and happiness into our lives. We are consumed by our electronic devices. I like Branson's idea of wireless Wednesday. Today's Wednesday and look at me, some example. Note to self: work on being a better example for the kids. I hate the phrase, "Do as I say and not as I do." I get it, it's just not my style, and I think it confuses kids and makes them resent you. To me it's the epitome of hypocritical. I know a lot of people don't agree with me on that.

A phrase I have coined and use almost daily for my kids is, "Do what you have to do, before you do what you want to do." It actually applies to me as well. I love it.

My Aunt's big phrase was always, "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

What phrases did/do you use for your kids or what did your parents used to say to you?


Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

Lol look at me the big fat cheater reading your blog on wednesday! In my defense, we just switched days this week. I will be "wireless" tomorrow! I definitely need to get more organized and find the time to make it happen. Feels like a vicious cycle... Need time to make lists, need lists to make time ;)

Megan said...

I don't even have kids, but I still think that I need to have "wireless" days where we don't get on the internet so much.