Sunday, March 27, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast

The other day I walked in the door to find this on the counter of a perfectly clean kitchen. My first instinct was to get annoyed that one of my children had the nerve to leave their toys out, which is nothing out of the ordinary, but always annoying nonetheless. However, in just a short moment I became overjoyed to see it sitting there. Why, you might ask? Well, here's the thing, that toy was something that Nash built the day before. I have no idea what possessed him to dig into a box full of Legos that he hasn't touched in years. I know that with each passing day I am less likely to find his "toys" lying around. Before I know it there will be no more toys, and soon after that I won't have the luxury of finding his dirty socks in the most oddest of places. He's growing so fast. Too fast.  He'll soon be in high school and I know those four years are going to fly by. He'll then be in college and I won't see his stuff lying around. He won't be here for me to nag to clean up. So for now, once in a while, I'll take comfort in his mess. I left the toy sitting on the counter, but it's gone now. I suppose the fact that he is outgrowing toys only means I'm doing my job and he's growing up completely normal. Sob, sob, sob. 

On a brighter note, I enjoyed the most wonderful Saturday with Chloe and Nash. Chloe's baseball game got cancelled so we got to relax during the morning. We had a family lunch of Sushi, where of course Nash had some raw fish and Chloe had plain steamed white rice. The kids and I ran to pick out some wedding gifts for our cousin who is getting married on Friday. Later, I made plans with a friend to take her kids and mine to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. It was the perfect movie to see for us adults, and an 8, 9, 11, and 13 year old. After the movie, I took C & N to the CeramiCafe. I thought it would be cute for them to paint something for a wedding gift. Nash wasn't thrilled, but decided to come along. We decided on a set of coasters. We each painted one and we left one unpainted so the bride and groom can go back together and paint it. Nash really enjoyed himself and asked to come back again sometime. After picking up some pizza we didn't arrive home til almost 10! Since Nash and I are sick, it pretty much wiped us out. I can't wait to go pick up our fired pieces on Thursday and see how they turned out.


Full Of Tips Mama said...

Hello! New follower from blog hop! Would love for you to follow back :-)

Megan said...

Oh gosh, it makes me so sad to think about MY kids growing up too fast and they aren't even birthed yet. Haha!

Red Couch Recipes said...

They do grow up so fast. No Legos here anymore! I have a 16 year old that leaves socks ALL over the house too. Joni

Sue said...

Time passing is a strange(though ordinary) phenomenon, and our children growing up is surely bittersweet:) Thank goodness for grandchildren! :)
My husband and I have been wanting to go to a local pottery place (Red Hot Pottery) for quite awhile. I want to make a cake stand. Have a great week, Lil!

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

This is a sweet post and too true! And your day with the kids sounds perfect! You'll have to share a pic of those coasters :)