Monday, March 21, 2011

Workout DVD Reviews

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1. 8 Minute Abs-This is a DVD I've had for a couple years. My cousin swore by it, so it came to me highly recommended. It's workouts not only include abs, but also buns, arms, thighs, and stretching. All are only 8 minutes each. I usually just do the ab workout, which I love. It provides noticeable core strength improvement if done regularly.

This last Thursday, I did abs, buns, arms, and stretched. My quads are still sore. Four days later! It must have been from the buns workout, because while my buns and abs were also feeling the burn, it was nothing like my quads.  I would say my quads are the weakest part of my body, so they needed it. I 100% recommend this video. If you don't have time to change into workout gear or 30 minutes or an hour to workout, surely you have 8 minutes!

2. I recently rewarded myself with Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown DVD. I loved Bob's Weight Loss Yoga DVD and I was really eager to see what Jillian had to offer. I'm pretty new to yoga and have really enjoyed it. While I just tried Jillian's video for the first time today, and I only did the first workout, I can say, it's definitely a keeper. While Jillian doesn't explain how each body part should be positioned quite as well as Bob does, she does really focus on breathing. She is fun to listen to and made me laugh quite a few times during the workout with her witty comments. It's a very different workout from Bob's, Jillian's is more like aerobic yoga. She introduced me to some new more challenging poses that I loved, like camel. I can't wait to work up to the second workout.

I'm happy to say that I am still honoring my New Year's Resolution of my commitment to working out. However, I also resolved to cut back on my sugar intake and unfortunately that is not going so well. I have a weakness for Almond Hershey Kisses and a love of baking! What's a girl to do? While my weight loss goal is only to shed 10 pounds, I haven't lost one! BUT, I haven't gained one. I've been consistently working out and pretty much eating whatever I want. Granted, I mostly eat pretty good most days. If I get motivated I know I can lose the pounds by bikini season, but right now I'd rather bake :)

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