Friday, March 4, 2011

Talk It Over Tea-Help Me With My Cootie Catchers!

Dear Bloggers,
I hate birthdays. I hate birthday parties. When I was a child I don't ever remember having a birthday party. Not one. Perhaps that is why I loathe them so. A little pent up resentment perhaps? Despite those facts I have little children who beg for birthday parties. So, being the decent mother that I am, I occasionally cave. Because I hate all things birthday, I have decided to go the easiest possible route for myself. With her blessing I am having Chloe's 9th birthday at the ice skating rink. They do EVERYTHING. Food, decorations, clean-up, cake, however, I opted to bring my own cake. It's the least I could do with my experience and all.

Recently,  I was perusing the invitation isle at Target when  I saw some pre-made Cootie Catchers. Do you all know what those are? Google it and you'll instantly remember the hours of endless fun you spent giving fortunes to your friends. I thought it would be cute to have Cootie Catchers on the tables for the kids to play with while we eat and get ready to skate. (I'm also having Mad Libs.) I'm a (insert naughty girl word here) for Mad Libs. I'll use any excuse to execute some grammer learning fun. But as always, I digress.
cootiecatcher-LASTPIC.jpgPhoto By: Alejandra Valera

I need your cootie catcher phrases.
I found some great resources on the web, but only a few that actually had phrases. I like the ones that said things like, "Someone thinks you're cute" or "You will forget something." I don't like "You will recieve an award." Let's think funny people. Let's channel our inner 9 year old self. I know I can count on you! I need at least 24 phrases/fortunes. Just leave your suggestions in a comment below.

Please help me and feel free to write your own post about a problem you need a solution to and link up it here. This Linky/Blog Hop will be open all weekend. Also, be sure to stop by and offer your advice to other bloggers in need. If you have any questions about this click on the "Talk It Over Tea" tab at the top of this page or feel free to email me. My virtual door is always open.
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YotesDiva said...

how abouuuuuut.... "I know it was you that farted just now" HA! Everyone loves a good fart joke - especially our inner 9 year olds. Even though that wasn't a very good fart joke... LOL

Hi :) I'm your newest follower. Hopped over from FTLOB's Fab Friends Friday! I'm from and

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

Ours were always goofy, like "you will become a pirate and sail the seven seas" or "you will be a rock star and sing songs about unicorns" lol. The crazier the better!

Sue said...

I'm sorry, Lil. I just can't really come up with anything original. I always used to play with those as a kid, but never knew what they were called!

Cheri said...

New follower! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog - crochet items!

Sue said...

I hope you do this tomorrow Lil, because I have a computer problem that I need help with.