Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Water All Dressed Up

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Spa Water

We all know we are supposed to drink AT LEAST 8 cups of water per day, even more if you exersize. I seldom do, but every once in a while I go into a kick of healthy habits. I usually need to dress up my water if I'm going to be chugging it all day. Sometimes I'll add a splash of pomegranite juice. Or sometimes I will make a quick batch of SPA WATER. This is the water you will sometimes get served after a massage at a nice spa. I was hooked after my first time. Nash and Chloe get excited when ever I make it too! It's so simple and refreshing. Great for after a workout. I should say it's perfect for the summer, but being that it is now fall and I live in SoCal, we drink it year round.

Isn't it pretty too?

All you need is a lemon slice, one strawberry, hulled and cut in half, and two slices of cucumber. You can adjust these amounts to your liking. Just wash, slice, and add to a carafe or pitcher. Add some ice on top of fruit to extract flavors, then your cold filtered water. 

We practically have strawberries year round here, but don't be afraid to change this up. Since it's fall I think a nice big slice of apple would be a great substitute for the strawberry.

Do you have any water recipes?


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