Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homemade Halloween Costumes

My Best (and one of the worst)
Homemade Halloween Costumes

After last years SpongeBob costume I promised I would never buy another Halloween costume.

 My cousin and I made this last year for Chloe. I got the perfect box (for free) from our local hardware store. I think we got really lucky on the box. It was tall and narrow, already had those narrow holes for the eyes, and it had perforated circles where her arms could come through. I purchased the tight's on EBAY for $6 and I also grabbed a small can of yellow paint at the hardware store. The rest of the colors we already had.

We downloaded an image from Google and freehanded it in pencil on the box. Then we painted it. It was barely dry when we left to go trick-or-treating.
The whole costume took about an hour and a half.
She got sooooo many compliments.
Little kids where very excited to see Spongebob.
They were pointing to show their parents!
Toilet Paper Mummy
I don't remember what led to this homemade mummy costume. I do know that we showed up at my friends house with Nash in his white pj's and a roll of TP. I wrapped him up and we were off. By the time we got home he was back in just his pj's because a little toilet paper fell off every time he walked. I guess we inadvertently TP'd the neighborhood. OOPs!

The following are all costumes I made last year and sold on Ebay. I bought the onesies and I learned how to make the tutu's, bows, and baby legwarmers from YouTube.
I just love YouTube!

Do you have a great costume that you
have made for Halloween?
 Tell us about it!



Indie.Tea said...

Thats a really great homemade costume! When I was little, my next-door neighbor's mom bought patterns and made all of her costumes...and I was so jealous.

Sue said...

Oh my gosh, you are so talented! I love the Sponge Bob(homemade costumes are the BEST)costume, but the other(etsy) outfits are SO CUTE too!

Sarah said...

These are adorable! LOL - I learned how to decorate cakes from YouTube, you just can't beat it.