Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Fall Fireplace Decor

I wanted to share my fireplace decor with you. I don't ever actually use my fireplace. So last year I decided I should at least decorate it. After some thought, this is what I came up with. I love it because it allows me to add a warm cozy glow to my living room without all the hassle of a real fire. Burning candles in a fireplace is also a good safe alternative to burning them in other areas of your house. Plus, if you use one fireplace, this might be a good alternative to a second fireplace you may not use. I love how I can change it up with the seasons and holidays. This is my Fall Fireplace. I bought the candelabras at Ross and the candles I always buy  are Aroma-Mix from Kohls. They have a strong scent when burning and they never seem to make any wax puddles! They are really quite amazing! For those of you who think putting candles in a fireplace seems silly, laugh all you want!


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Sue said...

I love your fireplace decor! It does look warm and inviting. Great idea to add the mirror!