Sunday, October 31, 2010

Easy Halloween Cupcakes


I despise Halloween, never been a fan, not even as a kid. But, now that I have kids I have to suck it up. And this year I even splurged on some first ever Halloween decorations for the house. After seeing ALL of the cute treats and cupcakes in Blog Land, I finally got inspired to make some cupcakes to take to my cousin's house tonight. It happens to be a birthday celebration for my God son as well. The only thing I couldn't find was Halloween/Birthday cupcake toppers. They all said Happy Halloween instead of Happy Birthday ;-(
Oh well. Anyway, because I believe in Good Things Simple, these are the cupcakes I made. They're cute, but I think they were the easiest designs I could have chosen. Mummies, spiderwebs, and festive...

Have a happy and safe Halloween everybody!

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