Monday, September 20, 2010

How To Hem Your Jeans

How To Hem Your Jeans

The other day I purchased a fabulous pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans at Costco of all places!
However, they, like always were much too long. I don't like sending my jeans out to be altered because it always seems like they're not the length I wanted when I get them back. So, like I do whenever I need to learn something I turn to YouTube! I found a great video, and have been using this method on my families jeans. Here is the tutorial in pictures:
Fabric Scissors, pins, thread and bobbin in your choice of color, ruler, white fabric pencil, and sewing machine.
 1. Try on your jeans WITH the shoes you will most often wear with them.
Heels vs. Flats.

2. Pin the jeans where you want the finished length to be.
Take them off :-)

3. Measure the length evenly and using a ruler, mark a white line.

4. NOW, using the ruler, measure 1 inch below that white line you just drew.
You now have two white lines.

5. Now, with scissors cut on the white line that is on the bottom.
After you cut it should look like this:

6. Now cut the four inside seams about 1 half inch, like this:

7. Now fold the bottoms up a half an inch, like this:

8. Fold them again a half an inch, using your white line as a guide. The white line should be at the very edge of the bottom hem, adjacent to the floor. Like this:

Here's what it will look like inside:

9. Don't forget this step! Try them on again, carefully, because of the pins! Look carefully at the length of both legs and make any necessary adjustments by re-pinning.

10. Is your machine ready, because you are! Take off your jeans again. Sew them from the inside of the cuff, removing the pins along the way. Don't forget to backstitch a few, so they don't unravel.

Wha la! Once you've done both legs your done! Easy!

I'm so grateful Laura put this tutorial on YouTube, Thanks Laura!

The link to Laura's YouTube video:


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