Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back 2 School Teacher's Wishlist Delivered in Style

I have mixed emotions about my kids going back to school. I'm sad that I don't get to be with them and do fun things and continue to travel, however, I'm excited at what the new school year brings. This year, I decided to jazz up the wishlist items I was purchasing for my daughter's class. You know, tissue, anti-bacterial gel, gluesticks, and the like. I wanted to add a special touch, so with my supervision, my daughter made some caramel apples to and we found a great basket with a chalkboard embellishment at Michael's. It cost under $5 after my coupon.

First, over the summer when everything is rediculously cheap, I stocked up on supplies at Target. A box of pencils for a quarter, are you kidding? I also picked up some cute ribbon when I purchased my basket. I already have a stockpile of tissue and anti-bacterial gel, so I added those. Finally, we collected all of our box-tops we had saved over the summer, so that we could inluded those as well. I also had darling daughter write her teacher's name on the board.

Time to make the apples...Since I didn't go to the store we had to use what was on hand (hence the Mickey Mouse sprinkles and the sticks). We gathered some good sticks from outside. I scrubbed them with dishsoap and hot water, then I microwaved them at 30 second intervals two times until they were dry. Use caution when doing this and watch them carefully.

We used a bag of Kraft caramel balls I purchased at Walmart. We simply added the caramel and water to a glass measuring cup and microwaved according to the package instructions.

After rinsing and drying our apples we inserted our sticks, this takes a bit of muscle. Then, we dipped them in the caramel and trasferred them to parchment paper. We cupped the parchment paper gently around the apple and poured in some sprinkles and gently pressed them into the apple. Into the fridge they go for one hour. After they have set you can now wrap and tie them. We used clear treat bags, found in the candy making section at Michael's.

Mmm...of course we made extra so we could taste test!

All in all, my daughter and I were able to contribute to her class room, have fun doing it, and add our own personal touch. Mrs. Jacob's opened it in front of the class and everyone begged her for the apple.

If you have any similar ideas, send them in and maybe I'll post it!
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InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Lilianna Grace-

All teachers need supplies these days and you are so thoughtful to make your offering to your daughter's class arrive in style. What a great way to teach kids to make a celebration out of the ordianry and everyday. Your attention to detail is so inspiring.
I see you are new to blogging. It is so rewarding. It takes some time to get it all rolling in the right direction, but so worth it. I have been at it now for 10 months and have learned so much and still have more to learn. I asked tons of questions to figure it all out. Feel free to e-mail me.
Enjoy your weekend.
My best- Diane

Lilianna Grace said...

Hello Diane of In My Own Style,
Thanks for taking the time to stop by. You're my first ever comment! I gotta tell you, it feels pretty cool!

You never know what children will remember from their childhoods, I hope that even if she doesn't remember putting together the basket, hopefully it will leave an impression that it is important to help out, donate, volunteer, and go the extra mile to help others.

Holy Moly, I don't want this blogging thing to control me, but it is fun! I'm hoping to try it out for at least 3 months, and definately print it into a book for my kids.

Right now I'm having trouble getting my header centered...

Thanks Again,

Marisa said...

This is such a great idea! (I saw it on Giver's Log and had to hop over here.) I always bring my requested supplies in a grocery bag, but you really went the extra mile. I love that you included Box Tops and a treat. I'll have to remember this for next year!

Nicole said...

Fantastic idea! As a former teacher I would have LOVED to receive something as wonderful and thoughtful as this. I"m always looking for new ideas on how to dress up gifts. Thanks so much for the inspiration!