Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Things Simple-Snacks


Today lavender Clouds is featuring it's first "Good Things Simple" Snack Idea. With all the things we have going on it's always great to have delicious and simple snack ideas.
Our house loves Nutella. Since she despises peanut butter, Chloe ate a nutella and wheat bread sandwich everyday at school for an entire year! She was the envy of all the little children who also wanted chocolate sandwiches for lunch! Today I wanted a sweet and savory snack and in 2 minutes I was in chocolate hazelnut bliss!

Spread Nutella on toasty, warm sourdough.

I couldn't even wait to take a bite before I snapped a picture!


Here's a variation: Make a Nutella panini! Spread the outer sides of your plain sourdough with butter, the inside with Nutella, put them together, butter side out, and grill on your panini. Cut it in half, sprikle with some powdered sugar, and you now have a Good Things Simple dessert!

Do you have a good and simple snack idea? If so, I'd love to hear it.

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Sue said...

A grilled Nutella sandwich is one of my favorites!