Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Christmas Candle Lit Fireplace

*Disclaimer: As stated above, please remember I am not a perfectionist. This explains why I didn't take the time to clean the splattered wax off the mirror before snapping these photos for your viewing pleasure.

Below is my fireplace. I change this with every season. You can see my fall fireplace here. Yes I know, you're probably wondering why I don't have an actual fire in my fireplace. Well for starters it doesn't really get all that cold here and also, between you and I...I don't really know how. But I digress, who needs that big mess to clean up, and all that wood to deal with. This is so much simpler, and clean, and it smells good, and I don't have to worry about escaping embers burning my carpet. Now that I have justified my candle lit fireplace please enjoy the following pictures and feel free to spruce up your unused fireplace with this simple solution!

In case you're wondering about the fat black cat statue, well my husband and I purchased them together before we were married over 13 years ago. I say them because there is a smaller one on top of the fireplace. The baby fat cat. I love their festive spirits. They don't have you have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them.

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Sue said...

I think this is so pretty! I love the golden glow, and the mirror is a GREAT idea(I didn't even notice the wax)! It looks so inviting. BTW, I finally saw a little bit of Glee the other night and spotted the "mean Sue". She was the Grinch(appropriately), right? :)