Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do You Yelp?

Do you Yelp? Have you ever even heard of Yelp? It is an amazing resourceful and free website I urge you to take advantage of. Whether in your home town or while your on vacation, visiting this site before you visit most businesses is a must! Yelp is a business review website. Yelp in San Diego is very popular and it is a tool that most business here use to gain valuable customer feedback. However, I have visited some states where Yelp is not as popular, especially in smaller cities.

I have been a member since 2008 and I have left almost 80 reviews for restaurants and shops I have visited. My 80 reveiws is small potatoes compared to those Elite Yelpers, hey I do have a life! Not only do I leave reviews, I also check reviews before I head to somewhere new, or I use it to find new places or restaurants. I always leave honest reviews, sometimes painfully honest. I have in the past left negative reviews based on my experience and actually had chefs or managers contact me to try and make it right. I so admire that type of customer service! So next time you're looking for a hotel, restuarant, hairdresser, mechanic, or practically anything else check out YELP and see if your city is listed!

Do you have any interesting Yelp experiences or comments to share? Tell us about it!
*This is not a sponsored post. I just really love this tool and wanted to pass it along:-)

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Sue said...

I've used Yelp a few times to look at reviews and my husband has written a couple of reviews. He wrote one recent review because we had such exceptional service at a small restaurant in Gorda (a tiny town on Hwy. 1).We were surprised to see negative reviews, so we were happy to balance it out:)