Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pencil Toppers and Club Penguin

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Out with the old in with the new! Luckily I went through my 8 year olds toys this summer, so there's not really much to get rid of now, except for maybe Silly Bandz. Yep, incase you didn't get the memo, Silly Bandz are out and pencil toppers are in! And at 25 cents a piece, that's fine with me! We have been buying ours from our local Round Table Pizza, or Blockbuster Video. They sell them in those little machines. I also noticed they have them on Amazon too. Try googling sea mania pencil toppers, or jungle mania, and so on. There is also another brand called Squinkies, but we don't have any of those.

Another gift item on the 8 year old circuit is anything Club Penguin. Club Penguin is a Disney affiliated website with a role playing game involving a virtual world. After reading all of the information I feel pretty comfortable letting my daughter play and it is evident that child safety was an important focus in the development of the features of the game.

While they do offer some free play, the majority of fun is had through a monthly membership fee. I pay about $6 a month and I chose to have it automatically withdrawn. However, they sell Club Penguin gift cards at Target. These would make great stocking stuffers or gifts or could be great for incentives or even bribary. ;-) There are also all kinds of books, stuffed animals, trading cards, and toys that go along with it.

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