Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to display Christmas Cards

Thanks to Diane over at In My Own Style  who gave me this great idea for how to display years worth of my saved Christmas photo cards. Anytime anyone has ever sent me a photo card over the holidays I have saved it. In years past I have just taped them all up on a wall in collage form. Not the most stylish and eye catching way, but still my friends and family loved to see their old Christmas photos displayed.

This year I knew I wanted to display them in a more fashionable way. I simply emailed Diane and she had the perfect answer for me in no time at all! She does amazing things and all of her displays are so beautiful I knew I could trust her advice. So now, I have many doors in my house displayed in this fashion. She instructed me to hot glue a long piece of ribbon on the top of the door. Then simply attach the cards with a pin. I actually glued my cards onto the ribbon. That way I can just carefully fold them up with tissue paper and rehang them next year. Thanks so much Diane. I LOVE my card displays. I love seeing how the families have grown through the years. I even see my kids looking at all the cards multiple times throughout the day.

How do you display your holiday cards?


InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Lil-

What a great looking display. Using glue is a great idea, especially as you are going to display them every year. My mom used to use little mini clothespins she had painted red to attach the cards to the ribbon. I also like your idea of spreading the cards on a few doors, not just one, keeps the whole house festive.
You are so sweet to mention me in such a nice way in your post. It really makes me happy to see positive outcomes from what I post about, but what is even better is the wonderful new connections we make happen through blogging. xo :)

My best- Diane

Sue said...

Looks great, Lil! Sadly, I don't display mine...I just put them in a basket and people have to look through them if they want a closer look. I think I could actually do this though:)