Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Printable Letters FROM Santa!

I'm back! What a perfect vacation we had. Honestly, hubby made me leave a day early and while that threw off my packing schedule a bit, I'm sooooo glad he did. The original day we had scheduled to travel ended up being the first day of a very heavy week of snow that followed. They had record breaking snowfall and below zero temperatures. It was exactly why we went. My husband loves the dark cold gloom of winter, don't ask me why! It was really beautiful, I must admit. But I do love the weather we came back to in SoCal. It is sunny and the air is cold and crisp.
We did get our family photos done. The day we did it, it was like 7 degrees below zero and windy! But we managed and got some great shots in the snow by the lake. They won't look like all my friends cards I'll be getting from the beach, I know that!
Now that I'm back and in Christmas card and photo book mode, it reminded me of something else I plan to send out along with Christmas cards. Last year Chloe recieved a letter in the mail FROM Santa! It was very very exciting for her. One of her friends mother sent it. Chloe is 8 and has started questioning Santa's reality. I know this is the last year she will "believe" so I want her to get the letter this last time. I know a ton of other young children I can send it to as well. If you want to send some letter's from Santa, click HERE. They're free!

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Sue said...

Glad you had fun! Welcome home!