Thursday, May 26, 2011

Major Problems With Google Blogger and GFC

Hello Folks! Just a quick update to let you know my blog is slowly but surely becoming more screwed up by the day. I swear I didn't even change anything today! My GFC followers have disappeared. My dashboard still shows I have 102 followers, but I can't actually see any of their pictures. So...I don't even know if these post will still show up in your Dashboard Reader for you.

Separately, I have not been able to comment on anyone else's blog posts either. I write my comment, type in the security word, and it redirects me to my login page. I login, same as always and it takes me back to the comment page and asks me to type in a different security code only to redirect me back to my login page, over and over. So please know, I'm here, I'm reading your posts, I'm just stuck :(

I hope I can get it fixed soon, because I'm supposed to have a guest blogger tomorrow and I want you all to be able to read her post. If you are a GFC follower and receive this in your Reader, please let me know that it is working by leaving a comment below.


Aimee said...

Hey Lil, I follow you on Google (of course) and I saw this in my reader! Hope it all gets figured out soon!

Aimee said...

Oh, and I think it's another blogger glitch, because I have been to a few blogspot sites (including my own) and everyone seems to have the same glitch right now!

Sue said...

The same thing was happening to me yesterday, Lil! Very frustrating, and it sent me into a bit of a panic! Thankfully it's better today. I see yours is too:)

Megan said...

I can read it! My GFC followers are missing, too. Blogger is having major issues.