Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Kitchen

I'm so blessed to have the most amazing kitchen. The builders really thought of everything (almost). It has a huge pull out spice cabinet, built in trash can and recycling bin, and very futuristic microwave that opens like a drawer with the push of a button. The only issue I have with my kitchen is that there is no vent above the island stove. This is a problem because there is a smoke alarm just off the kitchen near the ovens. It's very sensitive and every time we bake anything over 400 degrees or do any heavy frying the alarm goes off. The house is equipped with automatic sprinklers so I'm always cooking and simultaneously fanning! But even with that I LOVE my kitchen! It's the ultimate gathering place. I have lots of stools and people always gravitate around the island. The kitchen is mostly set up in stations. There is a phone/note station, baking station, coffee station, etc.

Baking Station

Below you can see the little berry bowl my SIL got me for my birthday. It's so handy. It always sits there and it is used almost daily.

Below, to the left of the stove under the cutting board is the futuristic microwave. And all the way to the right is the pull out spice cabinet which houses three shelves.

Below is the breakfast nook right off the kitchen. It's our casual dining area and it serves as the kids table when we have company. The kids do crafts and homework here as well. A lazy Susan sits on top along with a tin of dinner games.



Megan said...

Wow! Love your kitchen! It looks really similar to mine...except a lot bigger! I wish we had an island!

Sue said...

I would love to have all that room! Beautiful kitchen!