Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Have Arrived In The East-Personal Reflection

Hey y'all! They really do say that here. Don't worry, I'm not there yet, nor do I see it in my future. We haven't been here for quite a week. I can't sleep. My shoulder and neck are killing me. I was tossing and turning imagining where I will put each piece of furniture and how will I decorate each room when our furniture finally arrives on Monday morning. It has been a hell of a week, wait, let me rephrase that. It has been a week from hell. The flight was fine besides the hour delay on the tarmac and Satan's spawn who happened to be sitting in front of us. We stayed a few nights in a hotel, spending our days driving around the town aimlessly. Ahhh, hubby's favorite thing to do, drive around. The hardest thing has been only one car. Talk about losing your independence. We spent several days browsing for furniture without buying anything, which really needed to be bought, considering I sold the kids beds before the move. Then, finally one day, we bought a couple beds and a table and moved into our empty house. Last night was our third night here.

Sitting up in bed, after checking my phone for the time which was 5 am, my first thought was to wonder if my family was still partying back home. I missed the first family party, my cousin's 30th. It was a surprise party. She and her sis threw me a surprise 30th and I really wanted to help with hers too, it just didn't work out. So, I am left to imagine how it went and I'll wait to hear all about it. I've been homesick since we began our stay in this big empty house. Besides normal bickering, the kids have been incredible, despite all the changes. I'm so proud of them. Things will be better once our stuff is here and we are busy unpacking. I'm optimistic about our future here, and still confident in our decision. The school year will be the most telling. In the meantime, here is a list of some things about NC...

Things about North Carolina I have realized since becoming a resident in the last week:

  1. Most public restrooms don't provide seat covers.
  2. I have found a miniature produce stand on the roadside that reminds me of the one back home. It has delicious peaches, which happen to be my favorite fruit.
  3. The humidity is not as bad as I remember.
  4. The kids and I love the thunderstorms, as long as we are home when they happen, which is usually in the late evening or night. Note to self, plan accordingly.
  5. They have amazing restaurants here. However, I'm longing to cook and eat at home.
  6. The lady who lives across the street from us is from San Diego. Yay.
  7. The road to our house seems just as dangerous as our last road. Boo.
  8. I don't think they have any cell phone laws here. As far as I can tell everyone is always driving and texting or talking. You can tell if they are talking even before you see the cell phone pasted to their face because they go really slow, then speed up, then slow down, then speed up again. The texters, just swerve all over the road.
  9. City wide speed limit is 35, unless otherwise posted. Otherwise posted is 45. WTF? Must be so people can text and talk while driving.
  10. People don't like to take the freeway, or highway, or beltway, or whatever they call it. If given directions, people will always tell you to go the side roads.
  11. The downtown is called uptown. I do not subscribe to this nonsense. I don't care if it is up or down or sideways, it just sounds wrong.
  12. I like how the daily rains wash everything clean.
  13. I like my Costco at home better.
  14. It seems like Harris Teeter has a monopoly on the grocery store chain situation. While there are a few others I have seen, Harris Teeter is the head honcho.
  15. I have yet to see an unkempt lawn.
  16. The Mexican food restaurants look promising.
  17. I like to do yoga on my backyard deck. But it's more like that new thing, hot yoga. It's very beautiful, I feel like I'm doing yoga in a forest.
That's all I can think of now. Since things are arriving soon, we get our cars tonight (YAY!!!), I will be busy turning this house into our home. I'm sure I'll be back to regular blog posts in about a month. I sure am looking forward to it.


Kim with a K said...

Sounds like a lot of positives for such a big change!

Sue said...

Sounds like a new adventure:) Can't wait to hear about it as time goes on...