Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Reading

I suppose part of the reason I feel like I'm on vacation since I've moved, is that I have been continuing to read. I've never been much of a reader. I've had to really be able to fall in love with a book within a few chapters or I'm out. Right before summer, I found a few books that I hadn't read and wanted to read and get rid of before the move just because I was trying to get rid of unnecessary clutter. That is one thing I love about owning a Nook. I can have tons of books and I don't have to worry about storing them. It is a wonderful thing.

The point here is, I'm now addicted to reading and I have been reading more lately than ever before in my life. I have bought some light, easy beach reads and I am loving them. I read in between unpacking boxes and in between hanging photos. I read while the kids are in the pool, and before bed. However, my favorite time to read is in the morning while sipping coffee. I sit on our new comfy chair that looks into our beautiful forest like backyard. It is such a peaceful, relaxing way to start the day. Without further ado here are two beach reads from this month.

I'm currently in the middle of this. It's about a family of women who go back to their vacation home on a small island off of Nantucket. They live with no hot water, no electricity, no phones, TV, etc. It reminds me of my own summers spent on our family's ranch in Mexico.

I was drawn to this book because it takes place in Nags Head, NC. It's about a group of girlfriends who rent an old beach house together for an entire month. I was a little turned off by the ending, but I still thought it was a fun read.

This isn't exactly a lighthearted beach read, but it was great nonetheless. Bring your tissues and your cooking skills along with this one. I was intrigued by the fact that this book contains a recipe at the end of each chapter. The family portrayed here does enjoy their dinners together and I love how the food described is made accessible to me. I wanted to mention this book because I noticed this author does have a book out called The Beach House, which  is currently in my cue.

I myself am off to the beach later this week for hubby's annual family reunion. It's about a four hour drive for us, but I'm looking forward to taking a vacation from our permanent vacation :). Speaking of vacations, we took a really fun day trip to Asheville, NC this weekend. We visited the very large Biltmore Estate. It was very fascinating. I can only imagine what life might have been like back then in the Vanderbilt family. Gloria Vanderbilt, mother of Anderson Cooper, is a descendant. Asheville was very different than I expected, it was a hippie mountain town. That's the best way I know to describe it. If you go make sure and stop by the Tupelo Honey Cafe or at least pick up their cookbook. I saw it today at Border's going-out-business sale. Don't bother rushing over to Border's just yet, you'll only save a whopping 10% off.


Sue said...

Hi Lil!
Sounds like you have settled into your new home:) Enjoy the rest of your summer:)
XO, Sue

Anonymous said...

Good for you Lil! Keep up the reading, you will be glad you did.

Sue said...

Lil! Where are you? Missing you and your posts, and hope that all is well! XO Sue