Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bad Thing, Happy Thing

Bad Thing:
Yesterday, I had a tiff with Frank, the new butcher at my grocery store. I simply asked him if they had hanger steak or if it was possibly labeled as something different. The new butcher I had never seen before was aged, well over six feet tall, and could be filed under the "grumpy old men" category. He snapped at me that he had been a butcher for 35 years and he had NEVER heard of hanger steak. I thought to myself how strange that Martha {Stewart} would use it for a recipe if it did not exist. Enter my smart phone and a Google search of Hanger Steak. I walked back to the counter, showed him my phone,  and told him he made me feel like a jerk. He said nothing. I left feeling very frustrated. I really wish he would have at least tried to help me. He didn't even take time to investigate or ask me any further questions so that we could figure out what I needed. Whatever, maybe he was having a bad day. But know this Frank, I will surely be avoiding you next time I step up to the butcher's counter!

Happy Thing:
Today, I headed to the mall to make some returns and pick Chloe up a pair of monkey pajamas I had seen on my last visit. I was in no particular hurry and leisurely browsed the mall stores for quite some time. I knew I wouldn't have any alone time for the next two weeks so I really took advantage. I decided that since I endured the agony of my women's well check appointment, blood tests, and a DPT shot earlier in the morning, that I was going to treat myself to lunch. I headed to my favorite lunch spot in San Diego's most upscale mall. Nordstrom Cafe here I come. I ordered my usual, a Chinese Chicken Salad and a glass of Riesling. A perfect pairing in case your wondering. I sat alone in a corner booth, scrolling through blog posts on my phone and then just people watching. I noticed that at noon on a Thursday, the Nordstrom Cafe only had one man dining in it's bustling room. Unless of course you count the little toddler boy on a date with mama, I so miss those. There was only one other elderly lady who was eating alone. There was a moment when I wished hubby was there with me, but I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I suppose I'll have to date myself more often!
Have you ever dined alone?


Sue said...

Wow, after 35 years Frank still has no customer service skills. I guess he was having a bad day, and not making yours any better either:( I'm glad you had a pleasant, relaxing lunch the next day:) I have never eaten out by myself, but maybe I should try it. My husband has, quite a few times, and has even gone to the movies by himself once or twice.

Megan said...

Yikes, I can't believe that he was so mean about it. I haven't ever eaten by myself, but sometimes I think that it would be so nice and relaxing. I eat alone at work sometimes, but it's just in the break room.

Kristen said...

I actually like to shop by myself, most times, so that means eating by myself, too. I really don't mind it, especially if I get to read a magazine or book at my favorite cafe'!

I would have been frustrated with Frank the Butcher also. He probably felt a little stupid, though, since he didn't know what hanger steak is! Ha!

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

What a mean butcher :( Glad you had a nice lunch to yourself, though! I used to go to diners alone to eat and study when I was in college, but never anywhere nice, lol.