Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinterest For Dinner Anyone?

Exhausted. All the time. Too tired in fact to go back in for more lab work to see if Anemia is causing my exhaustion. Today I was too tired to go to lunch with the ladies and literally had to force myself out of the house. I figured laughter is the best medicine and those girls are a barrel of laughs. Perhaps it's the stress of my upcoming DMV visit that is taking an emotional and physical toll! I do however, still have enough energy to browse Pinterest for hours at a time. It happens to be a fun time for Chloe and I too. I have to be careful scrolling with her, we have all happened upon an inappropriate pin now and then, haven't we?

In order to not feel like a complete loser, I occasionally have to actually make something I see on Pinterest. I wanted to share three recipes I made today. I guess that afternoon cup of coffee really kicked in. Instead of doing something productive like laundry or cleaning the bathrooms, I got a wild hair up my...well, whatever. So I spent a good three hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. I made Stuffed Peppers, salad, and bread for dinner. I also made breakfast for tomorrow.

Even though the kids eat all the stuffing and leave the pepper this is definitely a keeper. I have made many a Stuffed Pepper recipe in the past and never found 'the one' until now. I'm thinking about doing Unstuffed Peppers next time, casserole style, that way the kids will be forced to eat those peppers when I chop them and hide them in the stuffing! For this recipe, I added an extra 1/4 cup tomato sauce and used ground beef instead of turkey.

Besides a salad, I served the peppers with this Beer Bread that was a total cinch to whip up.
I would definitely make it again especially since it could be adapted for my non-dairy eaters. 

I made several extra cups of rice when making the rice for the peppers so I could make the kids some Arroz con Leche, for the morning. That's what we call it, you probably know it as rice pudding. I typically make a savory version with just butter, salt, and milk. I thought I would treat the kids, so I made a version based off of this. I used  almond milk + water, sugar, pure vanilla bean paste, and a dash of cinnamon.

What good recipes have you found from Pinterest?

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