Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Guest Room

The guestroom here has been ready to go for quite a while. Unfortunately we haven't had any takers yet. I've been meaning to write this post for a while. First let me say, I am not a decorator! I'm the opposite. I have no eye for style when it comes to my wardrobe or my home! I try and look presentable and I arrange the house in a way that is comfy and inviting. There are tons of pictures of my family, immediate and extended and that is usually the focus of where I start and end my decorating. For me it's all about the pictures! I didn't really have a plan to decorate the guest room in any special way. Just throw some random stuff in there from around the house, right? Well, when I had visited back home this summer shortly after we moved, I was sharing photos of the house with my family. One of my cousins made a comment that if that ugly comforter was staying on the guest bed, he wasn't coming to visit! It was so much worse that a guy was offended by it!
So I went on a mission. I happened to stumble across a duvet cover on clearance at Target. Score! And that's where my color scheme was born. Plum and Gray. Is it Gray or Grey? What's the difference, I never know? Anyway, while the bedding was taken care of I still needed a bed skirt and that became quite challenging. After a month of trying to find one that matched my colors exactly I went with this natural beige color. I loved the flowy sheer fabric and I decided that the beige would be a nice addition. It helped add to some of that romantic quality I was going for. I found it on Amazon. I think it's called Voile.
I purchased the duvet, throw pillows, sheets, vase, lamp, Do Not Disturb sign, and Cafe painting. Everything else I found around the house.

 Everyone needs their privacy.
 Dried Hydrangeas, my favorite.

A Mother of Pearl candelabra hangs behind the bed.

A painting that a dear friend of mine made and gave me.

The framed photo on the nightstand holds this quote.

I had a lot of fun doing this room up. If I could have painted it would have been magnificent I promise. But, we rent :(. My main focus was to be accommodating while keeping the room simple and romantic. Now I just need some guests, so if your ever in the general North Carolina area...

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