Thursday, December 1, 2011

11th Day of Christmas For Teacher and A Gift For Lil

Well, well, well. Santa sent Lil a sweet bundle of gifts today. I was expecting, perfectly content, and overjoyed even, after opening that first box of cookie day cookies. As I carefully unpacked them I imagined all the kids back home at my aunts making the cookies, each with their own specific task. I could only hope that BioSus made them all keep washing their hands. The picture in my head is telling me she definitely did. A rush of sadness swept through me for missing that day.

Then, I opened the second box. I was expecting to find the ingredients to make a pumpkin pie, but it was so much better. To me anyway. It was beautiful, the most beautiful I have seen in quite some time. Home grown California produce. There were just picked avocados, lemons, peppers, and gigantic beautiful pomegranates. I pulled out the lemons and avocados and literally hugged them. I pulled them in right to my heart then right up to my nose. It was the best present, the best surprise. It was a little piece of home, I once took for granted. The sight of them left me feeling connected and happy. Thank you Santa :).

As promised here is the 11th day gift. Nothing fancy, just some extra cute gift tags...



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LeAnn said...

Very Sweet! It is always fun to receive a reminder of home.
Loved the gift tags!